24+ advanced learning loans - Frequently asked questions

What is changing?

From 1 August 2013, funding for level 3 qualifications for all learners aged 24 and over will be in the form of advanced learning loans.
For learners in this age group who are employed, funding will no longer be limited to apprenticeships.   They will be able to finance their level 3 qualifications without having to study employment rights and  functional maths, English and ICT.
Advanced learning loans attract a low rate of interest.  Repayments are not required at all before April 2016 and then only when the learner’s salary is more than £21,000 pa.
In this brief guide, based in part on the Skills Funding Agency’s Funding Rules 2013/14 and on material provided by Student Finance England (SFE), we try to answer your questions on the new funding system.
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