Student Discount

Great news!! All learners who are training with PBD can now receive a student discount!

There are two cards available to our learners! Learners who are currently doing an apprenticeship can receive a discount through a NUS Apprentice extra card. If you aren’t doing an apprenticeship, don’t worry! You can still get a student discount with an NUS extra card. These cards give you discounts at hundreds of shops in-store and online as well as restaurants, travel and hotel discounts and even a discount on driving lessons! You can receive up to a 50% discount at some retailers so it could make a huge difference to your shopping bill.

How do I get my discount?

To get your discount is often as simple as showing the cashier your NUS extra or NUS Apprentice extra card at the till when you’re paying for your items. If you are purchasing things online there is often a field as you are checking out to redeem any discount you are entitled to where you would enter your NUS card number. When you press enter, your discount should appear in your shopping basket before you pay. If purchasing goods or a service over the telephone, mention to the retailer that you are entitled to a student discount and they should deduct your discount from your bill. It’s very simple and easy!

NUS Extra

Click on the image below to visit the NUS Extra website and check out the discounts available! The card itself costs £12 and is valid for 12 months. To apply for your card click here and enter “People and Business Development Ltd” as your place of study.
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NUS Apprentice Extra

Click on the image below to visit the website for NUS Apprentice extra to see the discounts available exclusively to apprentices! To apply for your card, click here and enter “People and Business Development Ltd” as your place of study.
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