Do you need a workplace full of trained, knowledgeable staff? Then let Learn Plus Us specialists in childcare training – help you.

Learn Plus Us offers a completely flexible training programme for your staff. Learn Plus Us gives learners the opportunity to complete their qualifications via the internet as well as through the traditional route of attending study days.

Learners can complete their qualification entirely online or complete their course through flexible workshops.
However your staff choose to study with us, we offer them lots of support.

Learn Plus Us has experience of delivering nationally-recognised childcare and management training with a practical focus in the workplace, and has helped thousands of learners - from nurseries, schools, child minders & nannies to gain their qualifications. Our tutors are highly experienced and committed to drawing out the best from every learner.
Learn Plus Us also offers a variety of short courses both accredited and non accredited suitable for Staff Continued Professional Development.

Subsidised training
Top quality training is free of charge for eligible* learners under the age of 19, as the Government funds the cost under its Apprenticeship Scheme. Click on the relevant section for full details. For those over the age of 19, subsidised training may be available. Some course may require an Employers Contribution.
For further details of our training courses, see the courses section on this website, or give us a call.

Employers' responsibilities

To be successful, work-based learning needs a high degree of involvement from employers.

This is because much of the training takes place in the workplace and focuses on the learner’s development in their current role. As an employer you can best support your learners by:
  • Understanding the qualifications they are working towards
  • Giving them opportunities to practice their skills at work
  • Creating time for portfolio development and supporting them in completing their assignments
  • Nominating a member of your team to act as a Mentor to them
  • Enabling learners to study online, or to attend training sessions

Giving them the time in the workplace to complete their evidence collection plans
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Call JUDITH at Learn Plus today on 0203 199 3859 to enquire about how to book your place on one of these excellent and in-demand childcare training courses
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Did you know that due to legislation changes, Learn Plus can now offer an opportunity for you to obtain a fully funded* Early years Educator?
>>Click HERE to find out more about the course, and how YOU can sign up and get started TODAY<<


Learn Plus Us is a longstanding family business that for many years has successfully trained and helped many people to become professional Nannies, Nursery Assistants, Managers, Child Minders, Carers and Child Carers. We have always recognised the importance of our role in training people to look after children.


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63-65 Colney Hatch Lane
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t: 0203 199 3859
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