​**NEW** CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (QCF) (90 credits)

Take your childcare management career to more fulfilling places with the NCFE CACHE Level 5 qualification.

Are you 19 or over, and working in a management role? Do you have Level 3 qualifications, or above, in leadership or managerial areas? If you want to grow your childcare career into something special, this course is your chance to begin finding out what you can really do.

Take one of three learning pathways through compulsory and mandatory units. Apply your skills in the workplace and receive course credits as you carry out your existing role. Benefit from the advice and experience of Learn Plus Us assessor / tutors. With an NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma, you’ll be in a position to transform your career prospects, and make a real difference to the development of the children in your care.

• Open the door to high-level career opportunities
• Advance your practice
• Achieve a vocational Management qualification
• Learn and implement the latest theories in childcare and development

New horizons. New responsibilities. The next step up.

The NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership is the next step on your career ladder. On completion, you’ll be qualified to perform a wide variety of high-management roles in childcare and management. Apply for a Learning Loan now and start your course anytime from August 1, 2016. 

These are just some of the roles you’ll be ready for:  • Manager • Deputy Manager • Assistant Manager • Senior Manager • Day Care Manager

No time-consuming classes—just on-the-job learning and assessment.

Be supported at work by our experienced assessor / tutors. With easy access to on-line resources, and assessor support whenever you need it, you’ll be supported through every module. And since we fit in with your hours, support and assessments are suited to your working hours.

Real support, face-to-face.

We don’t just offer online support for our learners. When you choose to study with Learn Plus Us, you get monthly face-to-face sessions with your assessor / tutor.  We’ll talk through any difficulties you may be having, guide your study, and give you the encouragement you need to achieve.

Fund your studies with a loan. Pay nothing until you’re earning £21k per year.

Funding your studies is easy. You can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan if you’re: • Over 19 years of age • Have been living in the UK 3 years prior to starting your course

You don’t have to pay anything back until your pay rises above £21k per year, and then you’ll only pay a small percentage of what you earn. For example, if you start a job with a salary of £22k per year, you’ll pay your loan back at the rate of £7 per month.
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Did you know that due to legislation changes, Learn Plus can now offer an opportunity for you to obtain a fully funded* Early years Educator?
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Learn Plus Us is a longstanding family business that for many years has successfully trained and helped many people to become professional Nannies, Nursery Assistants, Managers, Child Minders, Carers and Child Carers. We have always recognised the importance of our role in training people to look after children.


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