Anaphylaxis first aid

This course is for anyone who needs training in how and when to use an auto injector in the treatment of anaphylaxis. It will equip all attendees in the prevention, recognition and treatment of severe allergic reactions including the use of auto injectors.

With 40% of children now suffering from allergies, the ability to understand allergic conditions, and deal with sudden or severe symptoms is fast becoming an essential part of childcare. Workplace first aiders who have to deal with those prone to anaphylaxis should also attend. 

Course content:
• Allergic reaction
• Who develops them
• Food Intolerance
• Types and Causes
• IGe antibodies and their effects
• Foods and hidden ingredients
• Communication and casualty care
• Unconscious casualty
• Auto-injector – Anapen® and EpiPen®
• help parents “let go” when child goes to nursery/school
• Dispelling myths

Course duration:
Three hours and all successful attendees will be awarded a certificate which is valid for three years.

Venue: Learn Plus US, 65 Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill, London, N10 1LR
Tel: 020 3199 3858
Cost £60.00 inc VAT

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63-65 Colney Hatch Lane
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t: 0203 199 3859
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