20% Off the Job Explained

Information for Employers

What is 20% Off-the-job training?

Off-the-job training is a statutory requirement for an English apprenticeship. It is training which is received by the apprentice, during the apprentice’s normal working hours, for the purpose of achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the approved apprenticeship referenced in the apprenticeship agreement. By normal working hours we mean paid hours excluding overtime.

It is not on-the-job training which is training received by the apprentice for the sole purpose of enabling the apprentice to perform the work for which they have been employed. By this we mean training that does not specifically link to the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the apprenticeship.

We will provide practical ideas and solutions to each employer to ensure that the 20% off-the-job can be clearly evidenced and is of value to the employer and the apprentice.

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What is NOT 20% Off-the-job training?

  • English and maths (up to level 2) which is funded separately,  
  • progress reviews or on-programme assessment needed for an apprenticeship framework or standard,   
  • training which takes place outside the apprentice’s paid working hours.  

We believe the importance for employers to recognise that they can learn from their apprentice too as the information they are gaining from Learn Plus Us is current and in line with requirements.

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