Career Benefits Of Apprenticeships

Hands on experience

An apprenticeship offers the chance to be working as part of a team of experienced professionals. This hand-on experience gives you the opportunity to expand your skillset and best of all, you will be able to learn from your colleagues on a daily basis and support your professional development. 

Support systems

Apprenticeships allow you to start your career with a higher level of support than you would normally receive. Not only will your employers be there to help guide you through your career journey, your tutor will also give you the support you need to progress, whether that’s answering role-related questions or providing access to useful resources to aid your studies. 

Understand the Working Environment

An apprenticeship is a great way to bridge the gap between finishing education and kickstarting your career. The transition from education into the workforce can sometime be challenging at first, but apprenticeships help you get a feel for a professional work environment and give you the opportunity to brush up on your transferable skills along the way, such as communication, time management and problem-solving.

Improved Career Prospects

In today’s professional world, most employers will ask for a minimum level of experience when hiring new talent, and having experience as an apprentice can help you tick that box. An apprenticeship will help you demonstrate your expertise to employers and improve your employability.

Apprenticeship Pathways

Apprenticeships aren’t just a great place to start a career, they are also fantastic ways to develop your existing skillset and progress to the next level. Here’s a quick overview of the pathways available via our Apprenticeships:

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