Angus Knight is grateful for the opportunity to further its existing relationship with Catch22, a partner with Angus Knight in the Jobs 22 joint venture.

The acquisition is a strong addition to the Education segment and allows the group to grow and expand its UK apprenticeship offering during a time when the UK is experiencing a meaningful skills shortage.

Catch22 apprenticeship business

The Catch22 apprenticeship business is an award-winning approved levy apprenticeship provider with 14 staff operating across England.

The business offers apprenticeship programs from Level 2 to Level 5 across business administration, customer service, team leading, operations management, housing and property management, hospitality, and young people and families.

In 2022 the business was rated “Good” grade 2 provider by Ofsted and was recognised in the Rate My Apprenticeship Survey as a top 20 training provider nationally.

The combined business and expanded offering

The acquisition further enhances the Learn Plus Us offering with new courses in hospitality, housing and property, and business services. The business will now have a combined staff of over 45 people supporting over 500 students and partnering with over 275 businesses.

Importantly, the acquisition coincides with a meaningful skills shortage in the UK, with a recent survey finding 78% of employers reporting difficulty in finding qualified candidates for open positions. This shortage is particularly acute in industries such as childcare, hospitality and business services.

Angus Knight remains focused on addressing the skills shortage in the UK through employability, training and apprenticeships and looks forward to providing continued support and partnership to individuals and businesses in our communities.

Angus Knight Group CEO, Nic Fairbank said:

“I would like to welcome the Catch22 apprenticeship team to the Angus Knight Group. We have developed a strong relationship with Catch22 through our Jobs 22 joint venture and I am confident of the strong cultural alignment between our two organisations.

This acquisition grows our Education offering and allows us to further Angus Knight’s mission to empower the people and communities we work with through top-quality training, work and education opportunities. We believe that investing in the future workforce is crucial for the success of both individuals and businesses, and we are excited to be able to make a positive impact through our acquisition in the UK apprenticeships space.

We remain focused on exploring acquisition and partnership opportunities that align to our growth strategy and add value to the communities we serve. We are actively exploring opportunities and look forward to the year ahead.”

Angus Knight Group UK and Europe CEO, Ayden Sims said;

“It’s been great to see the benefits of our close integration with Catch22 and Learn Plus Us continue to bear fruit and deliver the best possible service for apprentices across the country.

As caution over a UK recession has cooled the growth of vacancies to its lowest rate since February 2021, it’s important that we do all we can to prepare Britain’s workforce for meaningful participation in the future world of work.  The labour market is changing rapidly but Learn Plus Us apprentices can be sure of remarkable support in developing their careers.”

Commenting on the Acquisition, Catch22 Naomi Hulston CEO said:

“Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to train and develop, whilst earning a wage. Through our employability programmes, we have supported hundreds of people of all ages into apprenticeships – for some as a first step into a career, and for others to provide an opportunity to upskill or reskill.

We were delighted that the apprenticeship provision was rated “Good” grade 2 provider by Ofsted last year, and we’re looking forward to seeing it flourish under Angus Knight Group, an organisation that Catch22 already has close links with through our joint venture Jobs 22.

We know that through being part of the Angus Knight Group, a specialist learning provider, our excellent apprenticeship team will go on to achieve even greater results for learners.”

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