We are Learn Plus Us

Our Purpose is to empower the individuals, employers and communities we work with every day, to learn, achieve and excel.

At the heart of our purpose lies the conviction that learning is a catalyst for empowerment. Our aim is not just to impart knowledge but to instil a passion for continuous learning. we envision individuals discovering their potential, employers finding success through skilled teams, and communities thriving with the collective power of knowledge. We are dedicated to providing training that goes beyond the ordinary, enabling individuals to achieve excellence in their chosen field.
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Our Values

In tandem with the values upheld by AKG, our principles reinforce our commitment to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity. Our values are a compass that guides us in our daily interactions and decision-making process.

We stay true to our business vision and values

We do the right things, particularly when no-one else is looking

We are trustworthy, maintain confidentiality and act with integrity

We do what we say we will do

We own it! We accept accountability, take responsibility, and deliver on commitments – especially to our customers and stakeholders

We create an environment of trust and transparency

We share ideas, knowledge and best practice

We are empowered to collaborate to achieve goals, push boundaries and innovate

We prioritise group and team goals and support each other to achieve individual goals

We are inclusive and develop positive relationships to drive change and growth

We respect equality, diversity and inclusion

We demonstrate empathy, listen to other and are constructive even when we disagree

Who We Are

Learn Plus Us is the trading name of Simply One Stop Limited; we are an Apprenticeship and Skills training provider, approved by the DfE/ESFA on the apprenticeship provider and assessment register (APAR). Our head office is in Barnet, however our training delivery covers all nine English regions. Founded in 2003, since 2009 we have been delivering Apprenticeships and Diplomas through the Advanced Learner Loans scheme and have held various other funding contracts.

We work together with employers and individual learners to design and deliver training that meets their needs. We are proud to have formed trusted partnerships with over 160 organisations across 5 sectors. These partnerships include; nurseries and childcare providers, housing associations, local councils, restaurants, bars, hotels and customer service centres.

In March 2020 Learn Plus Us was acquired by the Angus Knight Group (AKG) and in February 2023 we merged the Apprenticeship division from Catch22 into Learn Plus Us.

Case Study: Shelby’s Success

Learn Plus Us Alumnae, Shelby, found success launching her own childminding business after completing our Level 3 Childcare apprenticeship and Level 4 Childcare qualification. She shares candidly about the challenges she overcame during her studies, her excellent relationship with her tutor, and why her assistant is now completing an apprenticeship with Learn Plus Us! Read her full interview below.

Can you introduce yourself, what you do and how long you have been doing it?

My name is Shelby, I am a childminder in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. I’ve worked with children since I was 15 years old through work experience, I’m now 30 years old with my own business in childcare!

When I was 21, my manager at the time asked if I’d like to get a Level 3 qualification in Childcare – I said absolutely! I was put in touch with Learn Plus Us and this where my journey began.

Describe your business and what you enjoy most about it

I love my job; I am now a childminder in my own home with an assistant who is currently doing an apprenticeship with Learn Plus Us herself! I work 4 days a week, I have more flexibility for my own children and enjoy teaching children and watching them develop in my care.

What made you take on an apprenticeship?

I had just been engaged and was trying for my son. I didn’t do well at school and struggled with the learning side of things, I’m much better as a practical learner. I knew I wanted to better myself, so I decided do a Level 3 qualification with Learn Plus Us. Whilst doing the course, I fell pregnant and had my first-born son. I continued my studies and never gave up. I remember the nights where I would feed my son with a laptop on my lap whilst working and feeding at the same time. It was tough but so worth it.

Describe how the apprenticeship has helped to progress your career If I didn’t have my apprenticeship, I wouldn’t have had the roles I have had in childcare. I went on to complete the Level 4 qualification with Learn Plus Us, as I had such a great experience the first time with my assessor. I was able to work from the bottom to the top as a nursery manager, later in life I chose to be a childminder and I never looked back. What were some challenges you faced during your studies and how did you overcome them? My biggest challenge was having a baby at 22 years old, with postnatal depression, but carrying on. I never stopped. I didn’t want to give up, it’s not in my nature. I had tough times, but I knew what I wanted, and I made sure I did it. I was very proud of myself for it, and always will be.

What were your standout moments from your apprenticeship?

I enjoyed being graded and getting my marks, I was over the moon with my positive feedback. I had a great relationship with my assessor, she made me feel so comfortable and happy and I still have a place in my heart for her now. She made me carry on no matter what.

Proud member of the Angus Knight Group since 2020