Business Services

Business apprenticeships focus on helping an organisation to run effectively and can encompass a range of functions including customer service, administration, operations management and more. As an apprentice you’ll work for a company and receive on-the-job training and study in order to achieve industry-recognised qualifications. You’ll also have mandatory off-the-job training to ensure you have the time to complete your studies successfully. You will be paid a wage and will complete the programme totally debt free, as all study and training costs are covered by your employer and government funding.

Why Choose Us?

We have been working alongside employers and individuals for over 10 years and we are passionate about the role of education in both professional and personal fulfilment.
Our tutors are experts in their field and have many years of experience supporting students to succeed! They are dedicated to seeing each learner thrive in work and in life. If anyone is in need of extra support, we provide additional 1-1 support sessions.
We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of education professionals, managers and support staff and we are on hand to support you from the moment you come onboard with us.

What are the benefits of taking an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships work because they have a mutual benefit to participants and employers alike. The apprentice becomes familiar with the sector they are working in and receives one-to-one support from the industry experts they work alongside. Apprentices will also have mentors in the workplace as well as dedicated tutors and support staff. These skilled individuals help to ensure they receive the support needed to achieve the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements to complete their apprenticeship successfully.