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What is an Apprenticeship?

Earn while you learn; gain the necessary skills and competencies needed to fulfil a role while in genuine permanent employment.  

Apprenticeships help individuals of all backgrounds to achieve qualifications whilst working and earning money. They typically last between 12 and 24 months and unlike college or university, there generally aren’t many qualification-based entry requirements, and most of the learning happens through on-the-job training at your chosen workplace.

In short, apprenticeships can give you the skills, knowledge and experience to build a successful career in a supportive and practical setting. In England, there are apprenticeships for over 1,500 job roles, which means you are almost guaranteed to find an exciting and fulfilling position to suit your interests.

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Can anyone be an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships can be offered to anyone who meets the right criteria. There is no upper age limit. As long as you are over 16 and have lived in the EU for a minimum of 3 years then you are eligible.*

Even if you already have a degree level qualification, under the new Apprenticeship reforms, you are now eligible to undertake an apprenticeship as long as you are learning new and different skills.

  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification
  • Work to gain a new or different skill in a newchosen career
  • Earn while you learn with on the job training
  • Improved career prospects after completion ofapprenticeship
  • Personal development
  • Cost effective solution to gain knowledgeable staff
  • Greater productivity
  • Better qualified workforce
  • Assessment and Qualification carried out in theworkplace
  • Upskill new or existing staff
  • Provide training tailored to needs of the business
  • Staff retention


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